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  1. Elevator Bed with Sleep / Storage Platform

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    My wife & I road tripped & car camped two months in our '03 EX Element (minus some occasional credit card camping). We loved our bed / storage setup. It is unlike anything I've seen in browsing the E forums thus far (apologies if I'm duplicating anyone before me). Basic concept: A...
  2. Interior storage for camping

    Obviously there's a lot of solid DIY storage options for long-haul camping. But has anyone come across some good premade rugged storage units for camping that mount easily into an E? It would be nice to not have to stack top-loaded tubs. and tie them down.
  3. $6 Visor Cargo Net Storage

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Was looking for a simple storage solution, something other than the CD visor organizers, since I don't have many CDs to organize. Thought a cargo net would be a good solution, and saw nobody made one specifically for visors. I found these small motorcycle cargo nets at Harbor Freight Tools...
  4. Base For Driver's Side Storage Armrest

    Soooo I have the storage armrest but there is no base for it.... I have tried to make my own but this didn't really work at all, I was wondering if anyone has a base they could sell me for the storage armrest?? Its an 05 element with the drivers side armrest storage.
  5. Who knows what scooters will fit in the E?

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    I'm thinking about buying a Yamaha Zuma scooter and I wonder if it will fit into the back of the Element, anyone know about any scooter fitting in the back? Pictures would be great.
  6. WTB: Storage Arm Rest

    Trading Post
    looking for a drivers side storage arm rest for 2004. also a bug/air deflector for the same year... please PM me. thanks, trey
  7. Sleeping platform for one person with recliner option

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello, First I must admit that I have gone over many of the posts for certain Element mod's but never registered. I have used ideas from all sources found here including Rishio, ramblerdan, Gaily, YouTube vid from itsthedem, BikeZen, and mostly a Flickr photoset from thetimetravelers. I...