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  1. New in box KYB front passenger strut for trade

    Trading Post
    As the title mentions I have a new in box KYB front passenger side strut I’m looking to trade. I know it fits my 2004 and I believe there was a suspension change around 2007 or 08 so just check to ensure fitment on KYB’s website. Looking to trade for other element parts or possibly sell if the...
  2. Torque Specs for Outer Tie-Rod Ends?

    Maintenance and Service
    I replaced my outer tie-rod ends about a month ago and tightened them just enough so the cotter pin hole aligned with the castle nut. Car rides fine but now get a single "click" sound when I am making a really tight turn. I think I might need to tighten down that tie-rod end a bit more, anyone...
  3. Strut top hat mounting

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, my local dealer/servicer indicates that a "squeak" I hear from the left front side of car is caused by a bad strut, specifically the top hat mounting is broken. I have been driving with this noise for years...curious if this is an urgent/necessary repair as the coast is $494.
  4. Adjustable Front Camber

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    So I was wondering if anyone has ever added adjustable front camber bolts to their element. If so I was wondering what brand you purchased. Also what your thoughts are on the product. Thanks :)
  5. Strut/suspension replacement, tips and tricks needed.

    Maintenance and Service
    Recently my wife took our 2003 Element into the mechanic to have them diagnose the loud knocking coming from the front and rear of the car. The mechanic, in his doom and gloom tone told us, "You really shouldn't be driving this vehicle!" It has a bad lower ball joint on the passenger side. It...
  6. Rear Strut Seepage (leak)?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I recently went to Honda with my 2005 Element to get a oil change and when I returned they advised me the rear drivers side strut was leaking and $616.00 should cover the replacement. I never take a single opinion so I went to a independent repair guy who said he saw some seepage...
  7. Help: Upper strut seat orientation?

    Maintenance and Service
    2004 Element EX 4WD with knocking coming from my front left strut. I've replaced struts and mount kits(kyb), sway bushings, end links, and compliance bushings, and brake pads. Mechanic says its either a bad shock, bad mount kit, or incorrect installation (I did the struts myself). I suspect...
  8. lower strut bolt specs

    Problems & Issues
    hello, i am replacing my rear struts and i ran into a lower strut bolt that is frozen. planning to cut it and drill it out. anyone know what the specs of the bolt are? does the replacement bolt have to be a certain grade of steel? thanks in advance for your help. regards, PW Gopal
  9. Lubing the sway bar bushings?

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, I'm sorry if it's wrong to start a new post, but I feel that I'm leaving my original post about changing my struts. That's been done, but I still have the creaking noise. I read through many posts and stumbled upon one mentioning a similar creaking sound when starting from a dead stop...
  10. Front End thud

    Maintenance and Service
    I am a NYC driver and recently started to notice some front end issues... I have started to get a bounce in the frontend at moderate speeds (30-40mph), if applying the brake (esp in a turn) my E starts to bounce bad enough to give me the willies. And if I hit a bump/pothole just right the...
  11. Rear shocks (struts), is there a consensus on which are the best replacement for oem

    Maintenance and Service
    Experiences with Monroe Shocks/Struts on your element Hello, Anyone have positive/negative experience using Monroe Shocks/Struts to replace the OEM? I know some people have chimed in about Tein but what about Monroe? Thanks
  12. Hood dampers

    Group Buy
    Well I did it....and it was real easy..after seeing SquadONE and what he did I went in search of a model that would fit....and a purchased these off E-bay after looking at the kit...