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  1. 5spd Manual won't go into gear when the E is running

    Maintenance and Service
    Tonight when trying to move the car to move a trailer, the transmission failed me. I was not able to put the car into any gear including reverse. When the car was off it would shift normally, however if i started the car while it was in gear I could not get out of gear, and it would lug as if...
  2. 03 Element Key stuck ignition but starts runs fine

    Problems & Issues
    I have read all through the many posts on key issues. I cannot find one with my exact problem. The key is stuck in ignition but my E starts and runs great. I have tried all of the suggested methods to get the key out. What am I up against? I have replaced my door lock so I am not inept by any...
  3. Door handle stuck on driver side

    Problems & Issues
    I just purchased a 2003 Element and it was great until I got it home. The door handle on the driver's side will not budge. The only way to open it is to crawl from the passenger side and push it open from the inside. The door actuator was just replaced before I purchased it. Any ideas on a fix...
  4. Rear windshield wiper starts and stops dead

    Problems & Issues
    Dear All, I've tried to search for similar problems, so please excuse this message if it's been dealt with before. 2007 Element EX: My rear wiper starts fine when I click it on (or pulse it to get fluid), it waves back and forth maybe two times, then stops…and stays that way. When it's...
  5. Flash Flooded E

    Image Gallery
    I was doing some freelance Photo work last night during a MASSIVE monsoon. Came up on this. They underestimated the depth and the current of a flash flood, it picked up the E and slammed it into the mud bank. :shock: Everyone was ok, lucky for them it hit the bank because that flood was moving...
  6. CD won't eject!!

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know how to extract a CD from the player when it won't eject? Or how to fix the ejecting mechanism? Is this a common problem in 03 elements w/ ~65K miles? Thanks for the collective wisdom...
  7. Auto trans won't go into gear from park

    Problems & Issues
    I just don't know what "it" it is. I installed auxuillary back up lights this morning. Two 55 watt halogen lights. Tapped into the DRL fuse under the dash as source of power and used an automotive relay to carry the power to the aux back up lights. Tapped back up bulb (green wire with...