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  1. Sub Not Working

    I recently installed a new Boss Audio Double Din head unit on my 05 Element EX, and almost everything is working exceptionally. My add-on backup camera, all 4 door speakers, bluetooth calls, the works. The only thing that doesnt seem to be working (and it MIGHT be and i am just not noticing) is...
  2. Crutchfield confusion regarding sub and SWC

    Mobile Electronics
    This is a complicated tale, but here are the essentials: - I thought my Element is an LX - I ordered a Pioneer AVH-1440NEX radio from Crutchfield - I also ordered their ReadyHarness service to wire up the harness for this with a steering wheel control module (Crux SWRHN-62D) - The kit they sent...
  3. Is this a subwoofer in my 4-speaker LX? Where can I buy an adapter to connect it?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2011 Honda Element LX. I thought it was a four-speaker model, and I thought the four-speaker models don't come with a subwoofer, but when I was removing the factory radio today to install a Pioneer AVH-1440NEX, I found a subwoofer connector and what really looks like a real subwoofer at...
  4. Replacing an OEM subwoofer with another OEM subwoofer

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi E-owners Club, Was reffered here from the Element subreddit on Reddit. My stock subwoofer on my 2003 Element EX blown after a good thirteen years. I recently bought an OEM subwoofer from eBay that fits the EX. I assume it should work, but wanna ask first. If not, I'll do all the return...
  5. Aftermarket Radio with No Sound

    Problems & Issues
    I have done my fair share of searching, and could not find a solution to my issue, but it is always possible i overlooked something, which is why i need all you smart people out there to help me out. My E: 2003 element EX Today I got a new Pyle PLDN74BTi touch screen stereo, along with the...
  6. Stealthbox Subwoofer for Sale - rare rare rare

    Trading Post
    FS: Stealthbox Subwoofer for Sale - rare rare rare For Sale is my JL Audio Stealthbox for Honda Element. This is the PREMIER SOLUTION for subwoofers in the Element. I've had this installed in my 2003 Element. The sub is the JL 10W3v2 housed in an incredibly stout down firing fiberglass box...
  7. Looking to upgrade my sound system?

    So I was planning on replacing my tweeters and sub in my Element and I just had a few questions. My plan was to take out the stock 6 inch sub and replace it with a 8 inch sub. From my understanding, you can modify the sub housing to fit an 8. Is this true? Does anyone know the stock subwoofer...
  8. What is the largest/most powerful subs and amp that can be placed in the E?

    Mobile Electronics
    What is the largest/most powerful subs and amp that can be placed in the E without damaging the battery or alternator?
  9. Marc's Ultimate Subwoofer Mod (with pics)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I would like to share this mod I did, because I like many, wanted more out of my sound system after I purchased my Element. I started off reading through these forums, looking for what others had done and found "Mike's Mod". I loved the idea, as it would require no real additional space, but...
  10. Splice in aftermarket sub and amp to factory system?

    Mobile Electronics
    I just picked up my 2004 EX not too long ago and still have my subs sitting from my last vehicle. I have a Bazooka that I would love to throw in the back, just not sure how to go about it. I would like to keep the factory head unit. Also, if possible, keep the factory sub installed as well. That...
  11. Connecting Aftermarket Amp to Factory Stereo for Subwoofer

    Mobile Electronics
    I want to figure out how I can hook an aftermarket amp to my factory stereo. I have a wire to rca converter right now. My plan is to by-pass the factory amp just for the subwoofer. Is there anyway I can use my converter to just hook up to the sub output in the back of the factory stereo deck? If...
  12. FS: Monroe Sensa-Tracs, seat brackets, subwoofer, steering wheel, stereo -SoCal

    Trading Post
    Hi Element owners: -I have 4 Monroe Sensa-trac struts brand new with lifetime warranty from O'Reilly Auto Parts for $250.00, if they ever go bad you can take them back and they will replace them no questions asked. -2 racing seat brackets (drivers & passengers side) for $100.00 -Front bottom...
  13. Mazda3 Custom Box

    Mobile Electronics
    Built this for my buddy next door for his birthday. It came out incredible, exactly how I wanted, but I was so impressed with the sound quality. I used 1/2" MDF and Triple stacked the Baffle, and pulled the left and right channel from the rear speakers. It's two 10" Pioneer 4ohm shallow woofers...
  14. Subwoofer that doesnt take up tons of space?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi im looking for a sub that doesnt get in the way of moving my seats around or taking up my cargo space. Anyone know of one like this?
  15. FS: Kicker CVT65 Subwoofer $100

    Trading Post
    I have a Kicker CVT65 Subwoofer in a OEM Honda Element Enclosure. I had big plans for this sub, but just never ended up following up with it, lol. I guess you can say I had the bug, then it went away - so its been sitting here since. It's already to go too! you can follow the link below and...
  16. Part# for factory sub cover / grill? other advice?

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm having trouble finding the part# for the stock sub cover. I have an 03 DX and am going to upgrade by adding the stock sub and amp. I have both ordered but need the cover. I used the honda part link I found in the forum, but wasnt able to find the part for the cover/grill. My main question...
  17. My idea for a center console subwoofer enclosure

    Mobile Electronics
    This is a rough sketch of an idea I have for a center console subwoofer enclosure. Its a side view of it and obviously not drawn to scale. I am wanting to get everything as straight edges except for the cupholders and where the subwoofer goes. I had a couple questions about this. 1. Will I be...
  18. OEM Subwoofer Cover

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently purchased the oem subwoofer online. However it didn't include the grille. Do you know where i could find one? I was unable to locate it at Majestic. I have an 2005 LX, with black interior. This is like what I purchased...
  19. Custom Enclose, Stealthbox but better

    Mobile Electronics
    Have a Guy name travis who is looking to make something new for the element. Like the stealthbox but better. Not carpeted so it will blend. In the back to keep sound quality high. He needs and EOC member in the Gig Harbor, WA. area he will need an Element for a day, 10 hours, to fab up an...
  20. Anyone have an aftermarket video head unit?

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm slowly but surely getting a list of mods to do this summer. I think some performance mods will come first, but then will come the interior mods. I already have 2 JL 10" subs. But that is the only audio mods so far. I want to upgrade the speakers next. I have an EX, so it has the 7...