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  1. FS: OEM Skylight Shade Screen

    Trading Post
    I just bought my Element a few months ago, and I got really excited about all of the OEM accessories available. When I saw this skylight shade on eBay a couple of weeks ago, I got real excited and pounced on it. I have since installed a massive Yakima Skybox 21 on the roof (which blocks most...
  2. Sunroof Glass Removal?

    I have a 2006 EX and am interested in replacing the sunroof glass with a solid piece of metal or lexan glass so that I can put a fan and/or other accessories for camping. I bought a used roof. Question is how do I get the glass out? I don't see any screws holding it in so I am thinking it...
  3. FS: HEAT SHIELD Sun Visor For 2003 Honda Element Sunroof

    Trading Post
    Barely Used And Still In Great Shape As The Day It Arrived! This Sun Visor Can Only Fit On A 2003 Honda Element’s Sunroof as far as i know. It Uses 6 Suction Cups To Hold In Place. Cool It! $45 obo shipping not included - good for local pickup in los angeles
  4. Sunroof options '07 E

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Looking at a '07 ... would like a sunroof but this one does not have one ..... is a aftermarket installation a viable option? .... or should I keep looking? Thanks.
  5. wtb honda sun screen shade

    Trading Post
    Looking for the sun screen shade for my 04 baby. PM me if you have one up for sale!
  6. Webasto Sunroof Drain Cleaning How To

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I just purchased a 09 EX with a Webasto Hollandia 700 sunroof installed in the middle area (just behind the front upper storage bin). Then we had our first big rain and I noticed that my headliner right at the front point of what would be the "C" piller was wet, as well as a little in the...