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  1. The J-Element

    Under The Hood / Performance
    So I figured I'd start a thread dedicated to the work that i'm doing on my 2008 Element LX 4WD 5-Speed. I had been posting updates in another thread but thought it'd be best to house all the info and updates here. Not sure what I should call it, but Jelement sounds kind of catchy although a...
  2. Fabricate an engine stand from cradle?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    So i'm doing a V6 swap on my Element, and as i'm refreshing the engine that is going in i'd love to be able to mount it up before installing it in the car. I've been thinking about creating an engine stand from a used engine cradle so I can test fit the engine and transmission but i'm wondering...
  3. 07+ engine swap from DBW TSX?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hey everyone. Hoping someone can give me some advice on a swap i'd like to do in my wife's Element. It is a 2008 LX 5-spd (drive by wire). Everything i've researched has been on the 03-06 Elements and swapping the outer portion of the intake manifold to remedy the lack of drive by wire. What I...
  4. DFW Area - Swap stock wheels and suspension for aftermarket kit

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hello, I thought I'd go ahead and see if there was anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area that would be interested in swapping their stock '08 SC suspension and wheels for the current Tein drop suspension that I have as well as the 20 inch chrome wheels currently on my Element. I just had brand...
  5. Swapping Rear EX struts with SC struts. Hey Parts Counter Guys!

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anybody post pics of the 52611-SCV-A02 strut and the SC's 52611-SCV-A91 rear strut for comparison? In a side-by-side manner, or with 2 different pics that have a ruler or something for scale. I'm hoping that the lower-eyelet to spring-perch distance is the same, and that the difference is...
  6. 2005 E Antenna too tall for my garage

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Bought the E, brought it home, and it barely fit in the garage - had to hold the antenna bent down to get it inside. :| Just the antenna is too tall for my garage. I can drive it in, but can't back it out unless somebody stands there holding the antenna bent down. Antenna needs to be...
  7. TSX/ RSX engine swap + forced induction

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I did a quick search up came up empty-handed. My Element is at 75,000 miles... not a whole lot.. and I'm planning on driving this thing until the wheels fall off..(or at least until pharmacy and business schools are done with) I wanted to ask the more performance oriented people if an engine...
  8. Still Dreaming/Researching.

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Ok, so about a year back I got into the E. I just have a few new questions. I did a quick search and didn't really come up with anything...other than the MT having a lil worse milage due to driver error and gear ratios up top, and an SC console into an EX. Anyway, I'm really diggin the new...
  9. MT to AT Transmission Swap?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Has anybody thought about doing this? or does anybody know all the stuff that would be involved... im not a huge gearhead or anything... i figured i could get the parts off a wrecked E from somewhere. I am thinking about doing this because i lost part of my left leg and it makes it hard to...