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  1. window driverside stopped working

    Problems & Issues
    hello guys, I would like to have some advice on my problem from these all-known community. Problem: suddenly my drivers window in my 2003 EX AWD does not react anymore. Passenger side is no problem. Reading this forum I found some very good threads. So I removed the door panel and tried to see...
  2. Part Number for Rear Interior Lamp & Housing

    Hello! I have looked everywhere on line for the part number and/or place to order a replacement rear interior lamp housing unit for a 2007 Honda Element EX. Specifically, it is the interior light in the rear where the cargo area is (see picture). When I bought it, the switch was already missing...
  3. Some pictures of 3rd gear pressure switch replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I had the flashin "D" light so I had it diagnosed by the dealer (autozone cant do trans diag apparently as it came up "no codes")and they said it's the 3rd gear pressure switch. They wanted $318 to replace it and do a fluid change so I'm doing it myself as the diff fluid is due too. Which of...
  4. Roll-over: fuel pump inertia switch?

    Problems & Issues
    Had an interesting morning! Rolled the Element over avoiding a head-on collision. With icy roads, the oncoming traffic was moving slowly, but one driver in a van gunned it and fish-tailed straight at me. I steered to avoid him, but ended up fish-tailing myself. I let up on the brakes and...
  5. 4WD: Manual engagement?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    As I understand it, the AWD system is totally automatic allowing no imput from the driver, unless he intentionally spins the front wheels which would engage the rears for the duration of the spin. Could one fool the system in some fashion so the AWD could be manually engaged at will?