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  1. HVAC 'enough' heat on driver's side?

    OK, first things first. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. It's winter here already. We have been known to have -55F temps - altho' less so in the last few years. My 2010 Element (LX trim level) is relatively new to me and this will be my first winter with it. I'm getting used to winter again -...
  2. A/C Puzzle

    Maintenance and Service
    When it gets to 100-105 degrees, I find that my 2005 Element's A/C only works when I turn it about 4 clicks -- and even then, while putting out cool air, it only just barely helps cool the interior. If I turn it up beyond that, the compressor clutch engages and disengages quite a bit, with hot...
  3. thermostat location

    Maintenance and Service
    Please describe to me where the thermostat on my 05 element is located. I know the radiator hoses go into the front of the engine behind the radiator and also the driver side of the engine. Thank you so much for you help and guidance.
  4. 2005 LX FWD: Thermostat & Overheating questions.

    Problems & Issues
    I did not see a FAQ for thermostat replacement. My '05 Element (LX FWD Auto, 144k miles) overheated while in line at a fast-food place. We were in line for about 10-15 minutes. I noticed steam coming out from under the hood shortly after we parked to eat. Coolant was spraying from the top of...
  5. Thermostat/Air Conditioner

    Problems & Issues
    I am going to apologize if an answer to this has already been posted but I don't have time to cypher through all of the threads here to find it so I'm just going to ask again. A few months back, my girlfriend's stepfather and I changed out the thermostat on her Honda Element (this was my first...