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  1. Visual Direction of my Element

    So I've been doing some inexpensive things to make my E stand out visually. I don't want it on the level of pink window tint and 4 spoilers of standing out but just small additions. So far the things I have done include yellow tinted spot mirrors in the fog light holes (to look nice until I can...
  2. Just got my 09 Honda Element Yesterday

    Mid-Atlantic Element Owners
    I just got my 09 Honda Element ex awd yesterday from northwest honda. I am loving the tail gate and the inside. I traded in my scion xb for it. Does anyone know of a good tint shop around ellicott city, md Mike
  3. Just Got My Windows Done! :D

    Very proud, although the guy didn't have a clue what he was going on about. I read on here how the backs are 20%, and followed a link someone posted to find out that NY requires no lower than 30%, so that is what I wanted. He was going on about how that meant light coming in, not light...