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  1. Outer tie-rod end torque - conflicting service manual specification

    Problems & Issues
    FYI. I just replaced the tie-rod ends on a 2003 with genuine Honda replacements, PN 53541-S7A-003. My Honda service manual (2003-2005 First Edition 12/2004) specifies two different torque values for the tapered pin connection to the strut steering arm. On page 18-25 (Damper/Spring Replacement...
  2. Torque Spec on Rear Sway Bar Bushing Brackets

    Maintenance and Service
    I've searched this site and the internet and still can't find the torque spec on the bolts for the rear sway bar bushing brackets (NOT the end link bolts). I found a Honda Workshop manual for a 2003 Element (though mine is a '08) online. It states an END LINK bolt torque of 22 lbf⋅ft for the...
  3. Torque Specs for Outer Tie-Rod Ends?

    Maintenance and Service
    I replaced my outer tie-rod ends about a month ago and tightened them just enough so the cotter pin hole aligned with the castle nut. Car rides fine but now get a single "click" sound when I am making a really tight turn. I think I might need to tighten down that tie-rod end a bit more, anyone...
  4. Intake, Exhaust, Manifold?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    After reading through the forum trying to find my answer I figured I'd just ask. My situation is this I drive the E 2 hrs each day through fairly hilly terrain (paved) and it severely struggles to hold around 70. My guess is that I need more torque, but I'm no expert. Which direction should I...