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  1. Exterior
    So I've been doing some inexpensive things to make my E stand out visually. I don't want it on the level of pink window tint and 4 spoilers of standing out but just small additions. So far the things I have done include yellow tinted spot mirrors in the fog light holes (to look nice until I can...
  2. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hi everyone, I have been trying to read and research, it takes so much time. I live rural and hard to go and see and talk to people about my options. I love my E, and just got it last August. I don't want to sell it, but I do have a loan on it. Last month I called it quits on my relationship...
  3. Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Apparently the Element does well as a 'toad', that is, being towed behind an RV. I looked up towing brackets. The Element takes the same one as the CRV. All the front trim is removed, and the steel bumper beam is replaced...
1-3 of 3 Results