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  1. TP sensor and cold weather

    Problems & Issues
    I am on holiday in Austria and it was freezing here. I few day's ago the motor malfunction light came on (and couldn't shift out of Park normally on my A/T). The Honda dealer here tested the car with the computer and it gave a TP sensor malfunction. The car is running with no problem, is not...
  2. E won't start!!

    Problems & Issues
    05 LX My son's Element won't start. It will turn over, but does not fire. He has had intermittent problems with it not starting, especially when cold, no issues after it was going. Now it doesn't start even after several tries. I am diagnosing from 300 miles away. I had him listen to see if he...
  3. RPMs stuck while braking

    Problems & Issues
    well i must stay that i am on here reading and learning stuff all the time. so i just wanted to say thanks to all that have contributed. it all good stuff. my E - 2004 EX manual 110k history: 12 months ago low idle problem. cleaned TB and all was good until it got cold again. this time error...
  4. Throttle Body / Check Engine Light / TPS Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Guys (& Gals) I hate to add to the large lists of posts requesting help - but I need help haha. To start, I'm not cheaping out - I've had my E at numerous mechanics numerous times and still no fix / answers. So I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas. I have a 2006 Element EXP AWD...