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  1. Is this guy just telling me nonsense.... oil switch/filter

    Ask The Dealer
    2010 Honda Element EX 93,000 miles So I thought my tranny was going out the other day due to slipping/missing gears while driving all a sudden. I had been having idle issues too lately, but nothing major. Changed my plugs and still had minor idle probs, just thought I needed valve adjustment...
  2. Question about transmissions

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Quick question will a transmission from a 2003 element fit into a 2006 element? Both automatic AWD.
  3. Gear indicator alignment - An adjustable on the shifter/linkage cable?

    Maintenance and Service
    I don't know how to describe this simply so here is a video. All gear lights line up improperly. Lights turn on between gears. This didn't happen out of the blue, I hired a friend to do an engine swap with me. This is one of a few lingering problems I'm having after getting it all back...
  4. Shaking While Stopped in R or D (2011 EX AWD)

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    My Element is shaking a lot while stopped in reverse or drive, or while driving at idle speeds in reverse. This happens regardless of how long the car has been running (or not running), and goes away once it starts moving. The transmission shifts beautifully, and doesn't grind, or show any other...
  5. Low power and maybe transmission issues.

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2004 Element, it’s at 191,000 miles and is quite literally falling apart. In the last three weeks I’ve had to replace spark plugs, ignition coils, o2 sensors, catalytic converter, fuel pump, and my muffler/tail pipe (the tail pipe literally fell off in my driveway due to a rusty...
  6. Crazy Idea

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Two words. Paddle shifters. I have a 2008 SC, with the Automatic transmission. (Ew.) How hard would it be, what would be needed, and how would it even be done? I understand you'd have to reconfigure the ECU somehow.
  7. Automatic Transmission problem

    Problems & Issues
    I have an Honda Element 2008 AWD AT 5speeds and I have a problem with the Automatic Transmission. The gear shifts go well manually (P-> R-> N-> D-> 2-> 1) with no delay. The problem occurs when I select D, all gear shifts enter automatically and smoothly (1 to 5 ok); But, when I lower speed for...
  8. Horrible wheel hop from stop. AWD? Clutch?

    Maintenance and Service
    I just bought a 2005 EX AWD 5 speed with 93000 miles on it. Got it from a really good reputable Honda dealership here in Mass. Test drove it twice. Drove good. Didn’t notice any real issues. Take it home. The next day go to work and get stuck in traffic. Then I notice as I’m starting to pull...
  9. Transmission Mount Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    Today I decided before I get into really starting the build of my element I should start by getting rid of that gross grinding sound from the front end. After doing the research I isolated the problem, the transmission mount. I finally got around to picking it up at autozone for about 75 bucks...
  10. Honda Element 2007 Engine Bucking 2500ish RPM

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, everyone, I have a question that I'm not really sure how to start troubleshooting. everything I've googled hasn't really helped My Element is a 2007 automatic transmission all-wheel drive I in Richmond Va, and earlier this year I had a transmission fluid leak that I was unaware of and on...
  11. 5spd Manual won't go into gear when the E is running

    Maintenance and Service
    Tonight when trying to move the car to move a trailer, the transmission failed me. I was not able to put the car into any gear including reverse. When the car was off it would shift normally, however if i started the car while it was in gear I could not get out of gear, and it would lug as if...
  12. Best Shop in SoCal to Rebuild Transmission?

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    Hi, I am looking for a good place to get my transmission rebuilt for my 2004 Element, 5 speed automatic. I live in the SoCal area, but I am not sure where to get this done. I do not want to have this done at my local dealer because I am a college student with limited funds, and would prefer...
  13. Car does not roll when I let off the brakes.

    Problems & Issues
    Recently I went on a 6 hour round trip. By the time I made it home my E was not driving well, shaking steering wheel and rolling into my complex I am pretty sure I heard a squeaking sound. I thought it might be the brakes and warped rotors so I took it in to have the brakes done. Turns out the...
  14. 2003 AWD Transmission Whine

    Problems & Issues
    My Element has 260,000 km (161,000 miles) on it, and I love it to death. Up until recently it has been very reliable. Then it started to make something of a grinding noise when backing up, and the transmission light came on (the horrible "flashing D"). I took it to a transmission shop in...
  15. Grinding Sound During Acceleration AND Vibration

    Problems & Issues
    These are two separate but possibly related issues. 2011 EX 4WD Auto 77K Issue 1 3 months Under normal acceleration, before shifting into what I believe to be third gear, the car will make two brief (half second), successive grinding sounds. It does not do this consistently and I cannot...
  16. Normal engine braking, TB/air/fuel issue, or transmission?!

    Problems & Issues
    I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Several months ago I was having rough idle and idle hunting problems. I read here to clean/replace the IAC valve. Since my E is drive-by-wire (and the IACV is integrated) I replaced the entire TB with a new Honda OEM TB and gasket. It solved the idle...
  17. Grinding into 3rd gear: bad clutch or bad synchro?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    So, we have a 2004 Manual transmission Element. We had the clutch replaced in December. Immediately after getting the car back, it was grinding in to 3rd gear. It definitely did not do that before! The mechanic said he thinks it's the synchro and that the clutch is fine. Now I have to take it...
  18. Hard shift in and out of into first, FWD AT

    Maintenance and Service
    Well I don't see how I wouldn't need to take the short bus to the mechanic but wanted to know what could be causing the following: Whenever I am coming to a complete stop the car has a hard "chung"/hard shift down into first gear and sometimes a hard "chung"/hard shift as I start cruzing back...
  19. Trustworthy mechanic in west los Angeles area?

    SoCal Owners
    My continent spanning 2003 EX with 218,000 miles needs its first serious work and I don't know a single mechanic who won't charge a fortune. I have that issue (as discussed here with not being able to get into gear unless the car...
  20. Unnecessary repairs

    Maintenance and Service
    Since there are only a limited number of ways to milk the unsuspecting E owners, I suggest we share our experience. Here is what Honda dealers tried on me: 1. Suggest (i) complete AT fluid flush, hooking the AT to external pump instead of (ii) simple drain and fill, which only replaces 5...