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  1. Manual Transmission, slipping out of gear

    Problems & Issues
    Hey y'all I have an 03 manual 2wd At 107K, driving down I95 I dropped 'out of gear'. Touching gas does nothing. Clutch, shift, back in gear and on the way. Happened a couple more times. Same thing the next day. Then nothing for a couple days, but happened again the day I was dropping it off...
  2. Odd U-Haul Transmission Cooler Problem

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Well I have three very long road trips coming up this summer with my faithful box and will be towing a 4'X8' U-Haul rental trailer each time (or something nicer if I can find one on Craigslist). I'm shooting for about 1300-1450 pounds in tow. Here are my trips (all of which go through the...
  3. Some pictures of 3rd gear pressure switch replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I had the flashin "D" light so I had it diagnosed by the dealer (autozone cant do trans diag apparently as it came up "no codes")and they said it's the 3rd gear pressure switch. They wanted $318 to replace it and do a fluid change so I'm doing it myself as the diff fluid is due too. Which of...
  4. Auto Trans Fluid & Filter Replacement DIY instructions

    Maintenance and Service
    Ok, contained here are the full instructions on changing the fluid in an Element’s automatic transmission. Way back when in this thread (which has some good info not covered here) I said I would do here it is....I hope it helps! This first section answers some FAQs and gives some...
  5. MT to AT Transmission Swap?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Has anybody thought about doing this? or does anybody know all the stuff that would be involved... im not a huge gearhead or anything... i figured i could get the parts off a wrecked E from somewhere. I am thinking about doing this because i lost part of my left leg and it makes it hard to...
  6. Converting Auto To Mt

    Under The Hood / Performance
    How much money am i looking at and what do i need to convert my auto E to a 5spd E and then hopefully into 6spd??? :idea:
  7. "D" for drive is flashing

    Problems & Issues
    Well, my father just called me and asked me if i knew what would cause his E shift harshly into reverse and drive from park. He said the "D" on the dash is always flashing now no matter if it's in drive or park or any other gear. I have no idea what would cause this but teh manual says there may...
  8. auto vs manual for the element

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    hey everyone, the element sure has me interested and i was wondering what all your opinions are concerning automatic vs manual transmissions for the element.