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  1. 03 Element Can't reinstall driver's door rear "triangle"

    Problems & Issues
    Got the panel off, replaced actuator, replaced panel...except... I can't figure out how to reinstall the small triangular part at the rear of the window. The fin has a metal clip and a screws that seem to hold rubber flaps. Do I have to take off the door panel to fit it? Unscrew the screws...
  2. FS: Surf Blue OEM Interior trim pieces - Complete, used 180K/mi

    Trading Post
    Other than the glue that dried on the passenger side rear armrest these are in decent shape. They could use a good scrubbing, but everything you need is there. The set is complete for all blue interior trim (not upholstery) Pickup in Tempe, AZ: $60 Shipped anywhere in the U.S. $85 I'm...
  3. Pic of 2004 Honda EX OEM Windshield Top Seal Needed

    I'd like to ask a favor of anyone who owns a 2004 Honda Element EX that still has its factory-installed windshield. Would you kindly take a photo of that seal and post it back here? Recently Safelite Auto Glass replaced my OEM windshield. When they did it they installed a seal on the top edge...
  4. Paint job difference

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I have caught the bug and have to buy an Element. All the models I have seen on the road have the black or Navy "trim" around the wheel well area exterior. I am looking at a 2008 EX on Auto Trader which does not have this trim. Is this normal - or might it indicate a wrecked and repainted...
  5. Trim Discoloration - Black

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2005 NBP with black panels and black trim. I let someone else wash, and clean my E. I have never allowed that to happen, I cleaned it myself. Unfortunately, the person who cleaned it applied Mothers Back to Black incorrectly and now all of my trim is discolored. I have tried washing...
  6. Spray painting interior accents?

    Love the look of the bold colored accent pieces (, but i don't love the price tag. Would it be possible to remove and spraypaint these pieces, and if so, how? What kind of prep would the pieces need? Would the paint stay on...
  7. Trim panel around radio

    I have a 2003 Element. A couple of years ago I bought a radio from an '05 and installed it. I did this to add MP3 and XM capabilities to my car. Before this I had an XM radio mounted on a nice bracket next to the radio. I put a small hole w a rubber grommet in the trim piece around the radio to...
  8. LX, DX, or EX trim package?

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    before you tell me to SEARCH it is hard to search for keywords that are only 2 letters long. I have an 05 4sp a/t. cruise,pwr windows/and locks,cd player/aux port,alloy wheels what are the differences between the two.
  9. Two Questions: Roof Garnish Swap

    Hi All I've dug through the postings and think I have my answer but I wanted to check with everyone else to make sure I'm on he right track. I have a 2004 EX which has the dark grey roof garnish, I'd like to change the roof garnish to black so it matches the A pillar and side door garnish. If...
  10. Windshield side trim (garnish): noise, sources, installation

    Maintenance and Service
    This is the first problem I have had with my E since delivery (Feb '03). I recently had the windshield replaced due to a golf ball sized rock coming off a gravel truck. The glass company did a good job I thought, even removing and replacing my State Park sticker on the new windshield. But about...