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  1. A LITTLE ROAD TRIP - 11050 miles

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    My wife and I went on a little vacation this past June/July. Started in Phoenix, AZ and finally turned around at Dead Horse Alaska. I built the 6ft x 4ft platform bed but we ended up camping only 1 1/2 times. The second time camping we could not keep the mosquitoes out of the car, even with the...
  2. What I've done to get ready for a 10,000 mile trip, with a few fun mods.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So I am setting out on a pretty long trip (for me) starting next month. My girlfriend and I will be covering 10,000 miles over 2 months hitting every national park forest and monument we can along the way. This is my first long trip, I have done a number of short trips, up to a week camping in...
  3. Ultimate Element Adventure

    Bikin', Campin', Hikin', and Kayakin'
    At the end of this coming summer, I should be in the process of finishing my doctoral dissertation and should be at the point that I'm in need of (and quite deserving of) a break. My plan is to take a 3-week cross-USA Element-powered adventure trip. I have outfitted "Ellie" to be totally...