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  1. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have a 2005 Honda Element EX with an AWD and automatic tranny. I’m new to modding cars, and I want more power. I haven’t been able to do much research yet, so I don’t know what prices on these things will be like. But I’m looking for more power for my element. Since there are no turbo kits for...
  2. Under The Hood / Performance
    So this is my baby. Her name is Ruby, and she's a 08' Element SC with 72,000 miles on her, and a 5A/T transmission. Always thought it was a 4 speed on the A/T but Honda says it's a 5. I have had plans for a while to upgrade the performance and such. I already installed Enkei EKM3...
  3. Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Does anyone know the biggest tires I can put on stock without any rubbing? I also will be installing a 2 inch lift kit in a week and wondering what the biggest tires i could put on it then? (I have a 2007 EX MT)
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I've searched the archives for a clear answer, but most of the stereo swaps (with the features we're seeking) are at least a few years old now, and more often than not, the user reviews on that big Brazilian website point to reliability issues. So. Our ideal system would be a double-DIM with...
  5. Problems & Issues
    I read a bunch of the older posts on battery upgrades. I want a bigger battery than the OEM battery so I can run an upgraded stereo and amp. Audiophyle suggested the Duralast 24. Others recommend the Optima Yellow top. Old posts suggest all manner of things ranging from obscure/expensive...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    I'm considering upgrading my radio, but I'm concerned about the possible issues of compatibility overall. First, I love my steering wheel controls, and I'm not sure how to find radios compatible with them. Also, I really want a unit that allows an external aux input, so the built in input could...
  7. Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hi all, I have to change the tires on my beloved 2004 Honda Element EX Manual 4WD. I noticed that a new complete set of 225/60/16 Michelin Energy tires on the Boston CL, but I am uncertain as to the effect of reducing the tire aspect ratio from 65 to 60. Any info advice would be welcome. Thanks
  8. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So i just got my 2007 EX the other day with a stock bass but realized i was going to need more than the 6.5 woofer could provide. i didn't want to have 2 12''s loose in the back either because i like the stock looks and wanted to keep it that way. With this in mind i got to work on ideas on how...
1-8 of 8 Results