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  1. Will 07-11 Seat Upholstery fit 2006

    So finally getting to do some work on my Element after having it a couple years. I need to replace the seat upholstery/cover on the driver's side it is an 06. I have found someone selling the upholstery/cover from an 07. They are both cloth seats and it looks the same but I wonder if it will...
  2. Rear Seat Cup Holder Removal

    I'm currently reupholstering my rear seat because I let my friend borrow my E and he smoked in it even though he knows that I would've never allowed it. He refused to pay for the damages, and now he's not so much of a good friend now. Anyways, I'm in the process of taking apart the old...
  3. Seat fabric: rips, cuts, cracks, split seams

    I have a small tear in the back of the passager rear seats near the cup holder? The tear is located between the side seat < the seams > and the cup holder. I only have 2,100 miles and rarely have someone sit in the back. Will Honda fix this problem before it rips completely! Also the...
  4. Seat fabric: cleaning and repair

    I know I should read the manual but what the heck Ok I got a piece of chocolate rubbed into the drivers seat. So I rubbed it with a damp cloth, with water nothing else... Now I have a water stain and a faint chocolate stain. What shoudl I use to clean this seat properly?
  5. Front seat cover / upholstery : Honda and aftermarket, plus side-airbag compatibility

    Hi all, With the durability of the seats, has anyone gotten the optional seat covers, and if you did, why? My wife and I are thinking about them, but we don't know if they are worth it.