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  1. Trading Post
    Ellie and I had a great time in Colorado for 17 years, but now I don’t get into the mountains much and she's bored with me. I don't take it personally that she wants to move on. So, if you're her kind of person, you should let us know. She loves festivals, camping, biking, kayaking, skiing...
    $13,000 USD
  2. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey there ! I was wondering if anyone has ever created a DIY pop up tent on there roof (similar to Ursa Minor)? I don’t have 7000 dollars for a pop up. Instead I would like to build a cheaper alternative! accessible through the sunroof connects to existing rack mounts canvas with bug nets...
  3. Trading Post
    My partner and I are looking for a 4WD Automatic Element with an Ursa MinorECamper. He and I both enjoy camping and would love the convenience of this set up. Our good friends have one and we would love one of our own. Appreciate any help! Residing in CA but willing to travel for the right fit.
  4. Trading Post
    Hi folks, So it's hard for me to even write this, though I may be looking to pass along my trusty, well-loved 2007 EX 4WD Automatic with the Ursa Minor Ecamper pop-up conversion. Short story is I probably have to narrow the stable down to just one vehicle with a little more towing capacity and...
  5. Exterior
    Hi Folks, So I have in my hot little hands a genuine Ecamper shell that was removed from another Element. My plan is to install it on a black 2007 4WD EX with ~150k miles that's in pretty fine shape (except for a bit of hail damage on the roof...but with Ecamper in place, problem solved!) I...
  6. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone, long time EOC lurker and first time poster here :-) About a year ago I traded in my featureless 2004 DX for a 2008 EX via Carmax. The main reason being that my wife and I just had our first child and wanted better safety features, sunroof and cruise control. I am a action...
1-6 of 11 Results