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valve adjustment

  1. Valve adjustment help

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone, We recently purchased an 05 element with about 230,000 miles. Unfortunately we don’t have any service records. Check engine light came on and we got a spark plug misfire. Changed spark plugs and error continued. Advised to change coil packs as well. Changed coil packs but error...
  2. Cold Start, Misfire Engine, Solutions?

    Problems & Issues
    Yes I know a lot of people have had these issues and I've read just about every single thread on this topic twice. It seems most of them end without solutions or with solutions I've already tried. Basic info: '03 element. 210,000K miles. Been taken care of very well. The last few years it...
  3. very strange idle speeds

    Problems & Issues
    I just finished a valve adjustment. It started right up sounded ok, then went to 3k rpm and sat there for a minute or so, then the rpm dropped and ramped back up. It started cycling between 3k and almost stalling. I shut it off and looked for vacuum leaks or a disconnected sensor. Didn't see...
  4. Misfire problem, side effects, and solution

    Problems & Issues
    2007 Element EX Manual Transmission Just posting this here to help anyone else that may be having the same problem. Been dealing with a Misfire Code on cylinder #4. Engine light comes on, sometimes the TSA and the "!" come on too. Sometimes the engine light flashes. Sometimes it turns off...