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  1. Low Compression / P0301

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello! First time posted, occasional googler of the site. My wife's 2003 E (EX, FWD, Auto) has 193,000 miles on it, and over the past two weeks I've been learning all sorts of ways to DIY on repairing a starting issue, replacing an O2 sensor, a vtec solenoid for the second time, fuel injector...
  2. SOLVED! Expensive sounding huffing and chugging

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, so I'm driving in Houston traffic heading N on I-45. Usual idiot drivers, but I am abnormally impatient on this evening after work downtown. I feel a little aggressive, a little road-rage session wanting to happen....but no.....I grumble and bitch to no one listening....and the moment...
  3. idle air control valve (2003-06)

    Problems & Issues
    I think I need to clean or replace my idle control valve. When I start my Element it idles around 500-600 rpm. With the A/C on it idles a little higher. It has been stalling out at intersections and when I turn. I got a code P0172 which indicated the fuel mixture was too rich. Where is the ICV...