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  1. VSAlight, vsa activation light, and check engine light all come on,

    Problems & Issues
    I’m hoping for help with a situation that’s becoming more prevalent, and is possibly related to seasonal heat or humidity. I have an 07, and on warm days the three indicators will come on, and the expected performance results related to a vsa activation occur. I pull over, turn it off and on to...
  2. VSA/PCM/ECM/Rocker Arm Actuator/Cruise

    Problems & Issues
    Please HELP!!! My VSA and check engine light came on. They hooked it up and said that there were 2 codes: one for ECM/PCM and the other for Rocker Arm Actuator. Took it to mechanic who said that the symptoms (sometimes acts like it doesn't want to crank, high idle, mild sputtering or acting...
  3. Most of my dash alerts have been doing off (and on) intermittently

    Problems & Issues
    I am having this issue with my 2008 Element. Since last Sunday after auto-starting (a detail I figured I would divulge), my VSA, ABS, TPMS and triangle! has been set off. Some of them disappeared on the way home, others stayed on. The next day they all went on again - so I had them cleared to...
  4. Does Watson have bigger problems than I can handle?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster. Have utilized a lot of the helpful tips and forum posts here to troubleshoot problems I've encountered with my Element, but I'm feeling pretty disheartened about all of the repairs that have been needed since purchasing the vehicle a year and a...
  5. Engine knock followed by VSA, AWD, and Check Engine lights.

    Maintenance and Service
    I was driving today on a well maintained (no potholes or big bumps) road that I drive every day. The Limit is 55, and when i got up to around 40 MPH after accelerating conservatively as usual, when the tranny was about to shift to 4th there was a mild 'pop' and then the VSA light, the AWD...
  6. <!> (Exclamation inside Triangle) Warning Light Stays On

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all! After research on this Forum, two months ago I bought a 2007 EX Kiwi Metallic w ~156K miles. Named it Pickle. Unfortunately, it's been throwing dashlights ever since. Nothing too serious (I don't think), but with a long road trip coming up, need to be safely road ready, and the...
  7. VSA Nightmare!!!!

    Maintenance and Service
    Well I have gotten a bunch of help from this site and my fellow Element owners family. Today was the first day that I have owned the Element (I've had 2) that I have run into a situation that I'm feeling a little stuck with how to deal with. Hopefully I can get some good advice (as I have done...
  8. VSA Cruise Ctrl Switch Replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    I've got both replacement switches ready to go but my big hands had a hell of a go at disconnecting and removing the bad switches in my E. Any tips on how to unplug and unlatch these assys from behind? VSA off switch: 35300-SCV-A01ZA (diagram #1) CC on/off switch: 36775-SCV-A01ZA (diagram #7)
  9. VSA Light

    Problems & Issues
    OK, I am new to both these forums and owning an Element, I've only had my 07 EX since Thursday. With that being said I am having an issue, and it's something the dealer can fix but I am looking for a workaround until then. The VSA, "!", Emissions and ABS light all seem to come on at random and...
  10. VSA off by default?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I'm sure this will start a flame war, but here goes anyway: Does anyone happen to know how to turn off VSA by default when turning on the E? My 2007 Element has scared the hell out of me 3 times since I bought it in June, and I've decided that yesterday was the last straw. Scenario: I'm...
  11. VTEC problem: Code P2646 (also 2647, 2648, 2649)

    Problems & Issues
    Well my dear EOC friends I have had my first problem with my Element after 96,000 miles. While driving down the road the other day my malfunction indicator lamp came on. I instantly thought it was my gas cap so I removed and reinstalled it and took off again but I started cutting out and losing...