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  1. Whining whirring noise, and hard accelerate slows down.

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 Element, and at the end of Sept I took it in to the dealership for battery issues. I wasn't having any other issues, but they found multiple other issues, which I had them fix. Since I got the car back (it's been 23 days) my husband and I have been hearing a low whining/whirring...
  2. Vtec double charge?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, my 2003 Honda Element is currently at the dealership being repaired, and I think that they're trying to charge me again for a repair that was made last year and should still be under warranty. On Aug 2018, they found a vtec housing leak, they replaced the housing seal and the spool valve...
  3. P2646 code, already changed oil and replaced complete valve spool assembly, help!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, My trusty 09 Element SC has finally decided to crap out on me after 198k fabulous miles together. I had never even see the check engine light until a couple weeks ago. :( A week or so ago, check engine light comes on, scan... P2646 for the A rocker arm actuator not performing...
  4. Blown head gasket (maybe worse?)... Just get a new engine?

    Problems & Issues
    This has been a long saga of garbage. I bought a money pit with out getting it properly inspected with a buyers check (first mistake). I had issues with the car from the beginning. I had phantom problems with my V-tec solenoid, it had been replaced several times, and the oil was flushed, but...
  5. Code P1009

    Problems & Issues
    I have gotten a check engine light twice in a few days, cleared one and it came back on again. Well it was code P1009. Witch means VTC actuator failure. So honda checked code and replaced VTEC valve switch assymbly. Then code came back up on HDS test for them witch ended up being a valve...
  6. VTEC problem: Code P2646 (also 2647, 2648, 2649)

    Problems & Issues
    Well my dear EOC friends I have had my first problem with my Element after 96,000 miles. While driving down the road the other day my malfunction indicator lamp came on. I instantly thought it was my gas cap so I removed and reinstalled it and took off again but I started cutting out and losing...