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  1. WTB/WANTED: EX Automatic AWD in Washington, DC Area $5000

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    Hi, I'm looking for an EX automatic AWD near the Washington, DC area. I have about $5000. One owner, service records, clean title.
  2. Wanted: 5-speed Element

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    Hello, Looking for a Manual Transmission E with < 150k miles. I'm in the NC/VA/TN/SC area. Thanks, Drew
  3. WTB: Element in Ontario, Canada in good shape

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    Hey all! Not sure how many Canadians are on the forums here but thought I'd post anyway. My partner and I are moving out of Toronto and will be moving to a small town, commuting semi-regularly for work. We're looking to purchase an Element with 4WD with under 250,000 kms that has been well...
  4. WANTED**** Element Ursa Minor Ecamper

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    We would pick up it up anywhere in USA or even Canada .