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  1. Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    A few days ago my rear wiper and washer stopped working. I suspected it was the fuse so I replaced it (#9, 10amp). It flipped back a forth a few times (no fluid came out) and then it stopped. I replaced the fuse again...and same thing happened. It's pointless to replace it a third time. Anyone...
  2. Exterior
    Hey guys, Anyone else have a problem or a fix with they're back washer jet not working?
  3. Problems & Issues
    Did not find this issue through a search... When I used my rear washer I noticed that it shot out 2 powerful streams. I was surprised because I was expecting a spray similar to the front washers. Is this normal, or do I have defective nozzles? The streams do not cover the window like a...
  4. Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 2003 Element EX front washer fluid pump has failed three times in the past two and half years. There was no problem with the rear pump. Has anyone faced similar problem? Eventhough he dealer has replaced the pump free of charge, I still feel frustated. Any input or feedback is...
1-4 of 5 Results