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window regulator motor

  1. Window Regulator: Checked Fuses, Replaced Motor, and Still Not Working

    Problems & Issues
    A month ago, I noticed that my passenger side window got stuck on the way down and up for just a few seconds. It eventually went up fine (after hitting the button multiple times) and I had not had to use it since, so I thought nothing of it since it returned to working order. The other day, I...
  2. Closed the door mid-replacement of a window regulator motor, now the door won't open.

    Problems & Issues
    Door lock is stuck. Can't get the driver side door open. The window regulator motor crapped out on my driver side door, and I just got a replacement motor in. After doing most of the disassembly, I had to close the door for a moment, but now can't get it open. The key won't work from the...