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  1. Driver's side window- bad switch? How to jumper?

    Problems & Issues
    I'm in a bit of a bind. While driving the other day, I opened the driver's side window. The motor worked to pull the window down, but it would not go up. After searching here I thought it was likely the regulator. I replaced the regulator and motor assembly. Same issue.. the window would go...
  2. Another power window issue (please help)

    Hello all. 07 sc 78000 miles. ok when moving to pa I had an issue with the plastic cable driven passenger power window failing. with only an hour before I was to load it onto a trailer to move. So I dropped it off at the dealer to fix it in place since it was down. THey just disconected the...
  3. Window Switch

    Problems & Issues
    03 Element, a year ago, driver side window intermittently wouldn't work, seemed like I had to press the switch just right to get to work, then stopped completely a few months ago - in the up position. Passenger window worked fine, so I thought it was the window regulator. Today I replaced the...
  4. Window switch or regulator?

    Problems & Issues
    I need your expert opinions! My driver's side window won't budge anymore when I toggle the switch. It all started when I forgot to roll up my driver's side window and it rained overnight so my window was stuck all the way inside the door. Then during the weekend, I forgot to close my driver's...