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  1. Headlights and Dash Lights Dim When I Try To Roll Up My Windows?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey. My names Kaleb. Long time reader first time posting. I have looked through the threads and i can't seem to see anyone else having this problem. I have an '03 Element and since I've had it it has always dimmed the headlights and dash lights whenever i roll my windows up. It will dim them so...
  2. Replace a Utility Driver Side Left Rear Door Window Glass

    Maintenance and Service
    have the new window, any suggestions for adhesives. old window broken, so all attachment parts still on vehicle
  3. Lights on power windows controls?

    Hi All! Controls door locks and power windows, of a 2006 Honda Element EX-P should light up when the main lights go on? Thx in advance.
  4. Window Curtains

    I am the mother of a Element owner who has been tasked with making window curtains for my daughters extended road trip. She wants individual window fabric curtains, but I am stymied on the best way to hang them. Any ideas? The options I thought of are: 1. High temperature velcro? Where can...