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  1. Rear Wiper/Washer fuse keeps popping

    Miscellaneous / General Element Discussions
    A few days ago my rear wiper and washer stopped working. I suspected it was the fuse so I replaced it (#9, 10amp). It flipped back a forth a few times (no fluid came out) and then it stopped. I replaced the fuse again...and same thing happened. It's pointless to replace it a third time. Anyone...
  2. Rear windshield wiper starts and stops dead

    Problems & Issues
    Dear All, I've tried to search for similar problems, so please excuse this message if it's been dealt with before. 2007 Element EX: My rear wiper starts fine when I click it on (or pulse it to get fluid), it waves back and forth maybe two times, then stops…and stays that way. When it's...
  3. Broken Rear Wiper Arm

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone! New member here, glad to have found my way here! So of course, I have a problem. My wife took her Element (2007) through a car wash and snapped the rear wiper arm clean off. The motor is intact, but all that remains is a piece of plastic held in by the bolt. I'm having trouble...
  4. Rear wiper help

    Maintenance and Service
    I went to the autoparts store and got a replacement wiper for the rear of my 05 element. I ripped the old one off, threw it away, and can't seem to get the new one on! After doing some searching, I think throwing away the blade that I had was a big mistake, and I should have simply refilled...