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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone I just purchased a nice 2008 Honda Element SC. The vehicle is awesome and should fulfill my needs for several years or more. I have been searching the site for an answer to the door speaker wires that plug into the front door speaker. I understand the tweeter and door speaker run...
  2. Interior
    For various projects I need a list of all accessory wires I can tap into. I've used the one for the stereo, but I don't want to use the same wire for every project. Please tell me which wires, colors, and location. I've looked everywhere on here and people never actually give an answer. Thanks!
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, after about of year of lurking this forum I've gone ahead and bought all of the stuff for my audio upgrade. I will have a 4 Channel Rockford Fosgate amplifier that is powering 2 sets of JBL GX600c component speakers. The amp outputs 75w RMS to each channel at 2 ohms. I am curious if...
  4. Problems & Issues
    I am going to apologize if an answer to this has already been posted but I don't have time to cypher through all of the threads here to find it so I'm just going to ask again. A few months back, my girlfriend's stepfather and I changed out the thermostat on her Honda Element (this was my first...
1-4 of 4 Results