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  1. Wire factory backup camera to aftermarket head unit

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I’m looking for some help with wiring the EX factory backup camera to an aftermarket head unit with an RCA camera input. I know adapters exist but I cannot find one for a 2010 Element. I’m prepared to splice wires but don’t know where to start. Please help! Thank you in advance!
  2. Photos of 2008 wiring, Tow? can you decipher?

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hi there, Today I was looking into buying the wiring harness for towing, because I probably will get the 4x8 Uhaul trailer and take my stuff West.. I learned the 2008 wiring install is vastly different than earlier models. Then I wracked my brain and couldn't remember.. I started wondering...
  3. Trailer Hitch Wire Harness Recall Problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all! It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've still got my E and it's running strong! My question today is about the Accessory Trailer Hitch Wire Harness Recall. I took my E to a dealer and had them do the recall, but they said they couldn't properly do it because there was no...
  4. Can the stock speaker wiring handle 75w RMS per channel?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, after about of year of lurking this forum I've gone ahead and bought all of the stuff for my audio upgrade. I will have a 4 Channel Rockford Fosgate amplifier that is powering 2 sets of JBL GX600c component speakers. The amp outputs 75w RMS to each channel at 2 ohms. I am curious if...
  5. Electrical Nightmare

    Problems & Issues
    Hey members, I'm dealing with an electrical issue right now. Battery is good, less than 6 months old, alternator is good, both tested. However, battery light keeps coming on, and it seems as though the battery is getting drained. My mechanic tightened all the wiring connections, light went out...
  6. Battery upgrade

    Problems & Issues
    I read a bunch of the older posts on battery upgrades. I want a bigger battery than the OEM battery so I can run an upgraded stereo and amp. Audiophyle suggested the Duralast 24. Others recommend the Optima Yellow top. Old posts suggest all manner of things ranging from obscure/expensive...
  7. Need help with wiring - installing lights and outlets

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey everyone, I'm installing a device that will allow me to have more 12v outlets in front, and two LED light panels. I've mounted it with double sided tape, and the lights are mounted with command strips. Everything looks great, but I just want to find a way to hide the wires! Is there anyway...
  8. Grille Guards and Driving Lights

    I've been thinking about purchasing a grill guard and driving lights to go on it for my E. I found an older thread in here (click here for it) that talked about some grille guards. One really interested me, a guard by Manik. I've done lots of browsing the web and searching but can't seem to...
  9. OEM Subwoofer Hook-Up to Pioneer AVEC

    Problems & Issues
    I purchased a 2004 Element in October of 09 so I'm quite new to this site. However, I got an excellent response to my previous inquiry when I replaced the failed dash lights and then the immobilizer kicked in and the Element wouldn't start. (If you missed my "thank you" note it WAS the...
  10. How to: install a USB port to charge Garmin

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I got a Garmin 260W GPS device for Xmas. It's great, but I absolutely hate the bulky car charging unit that plugs in to the "formerly known as a cigarette lighter." and the cable stretching accross the car. Is there a way to install a female USB port in the driver's side dash so I don't have...
  11. Installed Hidden Hitch & wire kit in 2008 Worked Great!

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Hi, After reading the input from other users I ordered my hidden hitch brand hitch from Even though the Element is not rated for more than 1500 lbs I got a class 3 hitch for strength and longevity. (2 in. insert at 3500lbs max) It was easy! I paid $152 for the hitch and $46 for the...
  12. Complete OEM Audio Schematic for EX and SC (amplified)

    Mobile Electronics
    I got a tech manual a few days ago and thought this would be useful information to post. I tried scanning the page but it was hard to read so I decided to make up my own using the manual as a guide. I hope it's not too confusing. ;-)