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  1. WTB 2009-2011 Honda Element

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    My husband, baby and I were crushed in a Terrible car accident and are relentlessly looking for an element. We’re looking for something under 120,000 miles between 09-11. Contact me at four three four- 944- O7O1 would love to talk! Hanna
  2. WTB: Element in Ontario, Canada in good shape

    Trading Post
    Hey all! Not sure how many Canadians are on the forums here but thought I'd post anyway. My partner and I are moving out of Toronto and will be moving to a small town, commuting semi-regularly for work. We're looking to purchase an Element with 4WD with under 250,000 kms that has been well...
  3. New Member! Downsizing from Sprinter WTB E

    Greetings & Introductions
    After building out and selling a 2016 Mercedes Benz sprinter, I'm curious to see what I can do with an Element. I've seen some great conversions on this forum, and hope to share some of what I've learned with the sprinter as I build out an Element. And so... WTB: any year 4WD Element with less...
  4. WTB: 04, 05, 06 5 SPEED or 5 SPEED AWD

    Trading Post
    Hello I have an 04 5 Speed who's tired power plant is beginning to take its leave. I will be hanging onto it and performing heart surgery but till then, I would like to obtain another for daily driving. I took this one to 402k and think I can do it again. Would like to find a 5 Speed with AWD...
  5. WTB Side Steps & Mud Flaps 4 2010 E

    Trading Post
    Looking to buy used OEM honda Side Steps for 2010 Model. Anyone selling theirs? Also looking for mud flaps as well. thanks all D
  6. WTB OEM roof mount covers

    Trading Post
    Lost one on the road this week, and would like to have a replacement set. Not sure if they changed the design much, but we're rolling a 2006 EXP.
  7. Wtb "E" checking in northern VA ORANGE!!!

    Greetings & Introductions
    Ok so Ive been going back and forth on the Element for 5 years now. Love Hondas sold my turbo'd ef hatch 2 years ago and bought a 02 bugeye subie wrx wagon cause I decided I wanted another turbo more. Now my animal family has grown drastically and I'm planning on a baby so the subie just isn't...
  8. FS/WTB: 04 aftermarket upper mesh grille & upper OEM grille

    Trading Post
    I have two grille items below for sale. They are both used & I will pay for Fed Ex Ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 continental states. I recently updated my grille & removed these. Check my cardomain page to see my new grille. I know many wont have a use for the OEM grille unless you...
  9. WTB: 4 Steel wheels (NY Metro area)

    Trading Post
    I'm looking to buy 4 steel wheels for my 2009. Tires optional. I live in Upstate NY. Anyone within a 250 mile range of Albany let me know if you've got these steelies for sale! Thanks, Martin