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0-60 isnt bad for what it is

I have an AWD automatic element with a K&N Typhoon air intake

The 0-60 im guessing is 8-9 secs

the high rpm is great it sounds like a beast lol

with a jet ECU upgrade and a better exhaust this thing would have a pair :cool:

and one of my friends that races his 500+ Hp MR said that he saw an engine head for this car but i havent found it yet he will have to show me where he saw it. but he said with an ECU upgrade and an engine head would add like 150-170 hp :-D

but earlier this week i raced a honda civic with a full after market exhaust and a cold air intake and entirely murdered the civic by about 5-6 car lengths (its not saying a lot but i bet it is bad getting beat by an element!!!!) so with just a cold air intake i noticed a lot of difference it is def worth the 200 dollars:cool:
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