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I need to bounce this off some other people...

I'll start from the begining, if you want just skip to the end to figure out what I'm getting at.

In Feburary, I took my wife's Civic to a mechanic to get the timing belt changed, while it was I had the oil changed too. I dropped off the car in the morning, my wife paid for the work in the afternoon, picked me up and then picked the car up. Mechanic told her that it needed the fuel injectors cleaned, just get something and put it in the fuel tank. Otherwise, car is in great shape.

So, we pickup the car. As soon as my wife gets in the car, she calls me, things vibrating like mad. We drive it home anyways, I call the mechanic, a little peeveed as he told us it was in great shape. I bring the car to him first thing -- Problem, driver's side motor mount. He offers to install the part no charge. No charge turns out to be no charge for labor. I play along as the car is about 10 years old and the part is probably worn.

He puts in the part, took all of 5 minutes. I'm thinking no wonder he didn't charge for labor, I pay for the part, and am on my way. I note that I just paid half of what I expected for the part, alarms go off, this is probably not an OEM part. (this is important later) Car is much more driveable, but I'm thinking not quite right. My wife verifies, it's still a little rough in side.

I figure it's probably more motor mounts. I've had that happen before, fix one and another goes until you fix them all. No big deal, I decide I'll change those mounts on my own time.

So, about 6 months roll by, I've finally got the other mounts from Honda and spent about 3.5 hrs putting them on. These ones are all under the car or other parts, not as easy as the driver side mount. So I get the job done, feel proud of myself b/c that's the most work I've done under the hood of any of my cars. Then I go for a test drive. Hmmm.... interior still sounds a lot louder than it should, vibrations are still there.

So here's my conclusion:
1) The mounts I installed helped a little, things feel a little better, but still not what I remember.
2) The cause of the problem is the after market drivers side mount.
3) I wasted 3.5 hrs working on something that was not the root cause of the problem.

My proposed solution:
Call the mechanic that installed the aftermarket part, explain the above. Offer to purchase the OEM Honda driver side mount, have him do a test drive before and after installing. If my hypothesis is correct, the Honda mount is much better and there will be a noticeable difference. If there is, I want my money back for his part, and he can keep it, I'll keep the Honda part.

At the back of my mind is one other thought. What if I'm wrong? Can I take the Honda part back?

So, does the above seem reasonable and will Honda take something back if it's been slightly used? Is there a better way to test this hypothesis?
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