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03 E rear brakes

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I'm getting a wicked grinding from the passenger rear of the E, started today. I need to get under there and check it out but before I do...
How hard are the pads and rotors to replace?
and if need be, how hard is it to do the caliper?
Ck FAQ and DIY and found a bunch of front pads and rotors but not much on the rears...

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Also, why does the under the car breakdowns happen when it's cold and snowy?
Also, why does the under the car breakdowns happen when it's cold and snowy?
'Cause when it is cold and snowy and crappy it adds to the problem and makes it worse to the point of breaking. ;-)

The salt and chemical de-icers and moisture and grit get in the caliper-pad-slider area and cause it to jam up. That makes the pad drag on the rotor....chewing 'em both up.

I've found one of those foam exercise/yoda mats works great to keep you warm(er) and dry(er) when working on the wheels and bottom of the car on an icy driveway or parking lot. (at least better than a chunk of cardboard).

When you replace the pads (and prolly the rotor too) be sure and clean up the calpers real good and relube throughly. The rears are pretty much the same as the attention to the clean and lube part when re-assembling....and inspect/clean/lube every spring so you won't have to do any surprise brake services in the future.

Good luck....have fun.

Turns out it wasn't the brakes at all, it was the plastic guard on the lower control arm dragging on the ground.

Best part was, other than saving a couple hundred on parts, another E drive let me know via rolled down window at a red light.
"Somethings dragging under your car."
Cable Ty much cheaper than new brakes, but they will be well inspected come spring.

We E people are the bestest kind of peoples!
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