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I've read all the immobilizer posts but everyone's symptoms seem to vary enough for me to not be able to extract a solid diagnosis. Here is my issue:

2005 with 200k miles on it.
Intermittently (once or twice a day) the engine will crank but the car won't start. Flashing green key symbol when this occurs. Try again several times, to no avail. Wait 15 minutes. Try again, engine cranks, flashing green key symbol becomes solid green then goes out, car starts.
Next day cranks but won't start. Same issue, flashing green key symbol. Had to wait an hour. Eventually started up again.
o Key is on its own fob (now)
o Key has not lost it's programming as it still works, intermittently
o Dash lights and gauges work fine throughout this problem.
o Battery fully charged and responsive.
o 'Whacked the dash' a bunch to no avail (this seems to fix other people's instrument cluster/loose connection issues)

Any thoughts out there?
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