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Howdy, This is my first posting. Great site with more info than I am able to digest.
My wife's 05 has run perfectly since new and has 60k kilometers (Canada Eh) on it. After returning home from the coast ,800k round trip highway speeds or above, without any sign of trouble the Check Engine lamp lit up and power was shut off above 3000rpm or so. I looked for the obvious things, loose gas cap and low oil but all seemed ok. oil looked slightly darkish but not bad. The last fill up was from a station I would fill my bike up at and thought to be fine.

Sooo I poked around this site and was lead to the VTEC oil switch threads. Pulled the switch and checked for power at the dangly bit [plug] got 11.65V, ok fine.
Checked the switch found to be closed without pressure and opening around 24psi. Ok or not, dunno. I was able to test it with an airline connected to the switch with a pressure gauge Tee ed in, started with 0 psi and was careful not to over pressure so as not to blow it's mind. I could hear the switch clicking when it reached pressure.

Suppose I will have to take it into Penticton Honda for a scan at the least.

I am lead to believe that these cars do not have a fuel filter as such and have only a screen before the pump, please correct me if I'm wrong.
The little voice in my head tells me it's the fuel pump but it's as quiet as ever.

Any thoughts welcome, even the ridiculous.

Thank you
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