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Help a newB,

Had a minor backing mishap! What I do know is that I need the rt rear tuperware panel (1/4 pannel), bumper cover and tail light.

Went to my local honda dealer in Joplin Mo and the gal at the parts counter was very helpful but could not answer my question. Said she would be happy to order both rear covers but would have to pay restockig fee on one returned.

Next step called a salvage yard with national parts locator service, what a waste of time they wanted to argue about painted panels.

Ask a friend who has a body shop and mitchel software and could not get me an answer.

Called different Honda Dealer with a body shop and he was trying to have a conversation with his parts counter and soon found they were not as helpful as my local dealer.

I work for the Largest auto insurance company in the USA, have lots of go to people but can't seem to get a correct answer.

Can anyone answer my question.

Also want to change the rockers, front rocker extensions and roof rails at the same time while we are painting.

A parts list would be helpful if any one wants to take the time.

Wesley :)
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