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I'm considering the Element for my next car purchase. My local dealership ( has a slightly used '08 EX and a new '09 EX (considering only 4WD EX models).

Planning to use the E for biking (the E is probably the best car/SUV for biking I have found) - will be purchasing a Gary Fisher bike in the next few weeks.

The '09 has a few "nice" enhancements compared to the '08: DRL's, outside temp gauge, variable int wipers, active head rests (according to Hondanews this is new for 2009), cooler, cruise switch integrated on steering wheel, and "Railport".

The '08 had the cool sunroof and the nice composite wheel fenders. The '08 at the dealership is certified, 1 owner, with 19k miles, and is listed at $18,988.

Any opinions regarding the '09 vs '08 models? I also commute to various clinics - some more than 1 hour away. I've heard the '09's are "quieter" - any opinions on how loud the E's are on the highway?

This same dealership also has a '06 CRV, SE trim, Japanese made, 1 owner, with 26K miles in Pewter, for $19,988. I noticed this picture from the model library on the Honda website: (click on the top Right photo). Can you really secure an upright bike in the previous gen CRV?

Any opinions on the previous gen CRV for biking?

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