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09 E Aux Jack Problemo

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Hi guys, this is my first post of many to come. I have only a small problem so far with my Element. I have a LG Env3 phone that is also my mp3 player, I ordered a cable to fit my E. I plugged it on to find that only the right side and subwoofer are working. Cant figure out if its the Car or the Phone. Any advice on settings is much apprecitated. Oh yeah its an 09 ex.
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make sure it is pushed all the way into the aux jack both in the truck and the phone. sounds like it isnt engaged all the way.
I did, and I bought another cable as well. The headphones work great on the phone so I am leaning towards a problem with the Element. I havent made my second payment yet so I have plenty of warranty I am just trying no to waste mine and the dealers time.
i would try a different source plugged into it then and if it does it as well take it back to them and be like WTF :) it still sounds like the plug isnt in the truck's jack all the way to me with the way you are describing it playing.
Sounds to me like you have a mono cable....not stereo cable. A mistake easily made. The stereo cable has two black rings on the plug....a mono cable has only one.

The stereo cable will look like the one below.


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