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Who would like to comment on this one. Sorry.. I know this may be a sensitive question to ask.
When using a tire/wheel set ( say for winter) With NO TPS in the wheels
( I all ready have a sets from my other 2 Elements),
I've seen posts that suggest just removing the VSR FUSE, will disable the
VSR ( like just pressing the VSR Button) I have 4 Blizzacks, EX/AWD and IMHO, I am confident with my winter driving skills. I have not purchased the 09 Service Manual $$$, yet to explore what else the VSR fuse affects.
PART 2: When the Winter wheel/tire set is switched back to the 09 set with TPS, ( and the VSR Fuse replaced) will the Element computer just re recognize the 4 sensors again, and everything is the way it was..
Any advice is appreciated....
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