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1.8 cu/ft & 2.5 cu/ft more in a 4WD??

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Hey folks!! I will soon be the owner of a Galapagos green 2WD EX w/ auto Element!

The $$ has been put down and the dealler claims its enroute and should arrive in about a week. :(

Anyhow ...... my question is this:

Why does the 4wdEX have more interior room than the 2WD?
The 4wd has 1.8 cu ft more cargo volume & 2.5 cu ft more passenger volume.

This doesn't make sense? What was removed in the 4WD that gives more space?

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Yea... I saw that too and had the same question!
I believe it is the sunroof that gives you more room...
OK lets say thats true .... that would explain the additional room in the cargo area.

But what about the 2.5 cu/ft on the pasenger side?? :?

I can't figure where that "extra" passenger space comes from either. :?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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