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It's been about a month & 1100 mls since the wife and I purchased our 07 E SC so I thought I'd put together a few thoughts so far.

Mind you, we bought the E pretty much site unseen from Carmax since it was shipped from another state, until this we'd only been in our friends 05 EX 4WD which is what helped to set us in motion for getting our own E.

Admittedly we kind of bought the SC based on looks more than understanding it's differences from an EX.

First Impression: We loved the Galaxy Grey, today, we still love the color!

While it's been too cold to use a sunroof, we're still kinda bummed ours doesn't have one, but that's very minor.

Interior: Was in great shaped @ 33k and we're hoping it'll be the same way @ 100k. It seems to be pretty durable and the seats are pretty comfortable. Being used to VW's seats for the last 20yrs, it's hard to find other vehicles that come close to that type of seat comfort. Honda actually did pretty well and when compared to my mid-90's Acura, really improved!

Steering wheel controls are nice too, opposite from VW and GM, but I'm getting used to it. I wish there we a few more lights for the switches and buttons though, as well as a passenger side door lock/unlock switch.

The seats to have a little "wobble" when on rough pavement every now and again, but when I try to manually move them around, they are solid, so I'm thinking it's just the overall construction and not the spacer issue I've read about.

Rear seats: We're loving the ability to remove and hang the seats up. The E does become significantly louder with the seats up, but for the hauling ability, it's worth it.

Definitely liking the radio & sub. While not the sounds of a BostAcustic setup, it's pretty nice and we'll be leaving it as-is.

Rear windows, are a tad weird to get used to since I like to use rear windows for venting more than fronts. The biggest issue having to get into the back to open/close the pass. rear.

Storage: Loving all the compartments in the E! Console, connections, plugs, etc.

5spd: Not too bad, very high geared allows for 5th use @ 40mph. Kinda weird, but nice in that you don't have to shift a lot when moving around town.

VSA: Kind of a mystery to me. Seems to be one of the worst traction controls I've ever seen in a vehicle, but I guess Honda bills it more than simply TC.

Fuel mileage, I can't say anything that hasn't been said before.

Suspension: Certainly a rough ride compared to an EX and for living in a city. This I think has something to do with the shocks not being properly valved for the lower stance of the SC since once the shock moves into it's stroke, it rides very well. Just adding a single person to the E makes a huge difference in it's ride around town.

On the highway, the E isn't too bad at all. I was expecting to be blown around more, but hasn't happened yet.

However, the front end feels like it "wanders" a tad on the highway. Everything has been checked and I've read others talking about the same thing, so again, it is what it is.

Overall though, it rides like a car and I think a lot of it has to do with the 5spd too. We can flick it around like a car much smaller than itself. It took very little to get used to driving with the exception of (me) still having an slight issue of parallel parking in terms of knowing how close the rear wheel is to the curb. This is mostly being paranoid than an issue as I'm just trying to keep from marring up the 18's.

I am trying to figure out where all the weight on the E comes from though. So much plastic, tiny engine, & 2wd and it weighs only 100lbs less than my 1993 GMC Jimmy 4.3lt (iron block) 4x4 that's fully decked out w/leather, etc.

We're definitely excited for summer to come and a nice road trip as well as some camping in the E!
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