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10 day road trip

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i leave friday (1/15) for a 10 day road trip. i will be traveling as far south as gulf state park (gulf shores, alabama). here are the state parks i'm staying at...

cave-in-rock (IL)
crowley's ridge (AR)
petit jean (AR)
lake bistineau (LA)
chicot (LA)
gulf (AL)
red top mountain (GA)
pickett (TN)
spring mill (IN)

if all goes according to plan, i have about 6 hours worth of driving per day. i hope to be able to travel on local highways through many of the national forests i'll be traveling near. if the roads are bad due to poor weather conditions i'll simply stay on the interstates & main highways.

i'm staying one night at each state park in some sort of cabin. i wanted to stay at the campgrounds in the element, however due to the recent cold weather i didn't want to risk it so i rented the cabins.

any suggestions on local attractions would be appreciated. i've searched the internet for interesting places to visit, but if you are from these areas please let me know if there's a good spot worth stopping by. i'm up for whatever... i plan on taking easy the entire trip and enjoying myself and sights i see!

i'll do my best to take lots of pics.

total miles driven should be around 2791.
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Sounds like a great trip!

I live about 35 miles from Gulf Shores. It is a great place but there may not be too much to do in the winter. It normally doesn't get too cold down here but it has been below freezing every night for the last week and a half. I think it is supposed to warm back up so it should be good weather for your stay. I would recommend visiting Lamberts (great vegetables and they throw rolls at you), LuLu's (Jimmy Buffet's sister's restaurant), and Shakes (amazing milkshakes). Of course sitting on the beach should be entertainment enough if you are only staying for a day.

Have fun and be safe!
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