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The wife's 03' Element (I like to call it a "Legacy" Element) has just over 109,000 miles on it. Couple sets of tires and regular oil changes and Honda service at the recommended intervals. We've loved every minute of owning it as well as our 2 different sets of German Shepherds. Plenty of long road trips in that time with lots of good stories. We recently got the Honda roof box (the smaller one) and realize that we should have had it from the very beginning. Two kayaks ride on top now as well on a frequent basis. Just put a fresh coat of wax on it and it still looks good. We live in NE Ohio so that's 5 Ohio winters and counting. So it's certainly held up well.

However as she ages we're starting to see some issues that for a Honda north of the 100K mark, may or may not be that uncommon.

A couple weeks ago my wife was driving on the highway and called in a panic to tell me that the temperature gauge was almost at the red line. Having owned Honda's for most of my driving life, I know they don't run hot unless there's something seriously wrong or the temperature gauge is malfunctioning. So I give her the standard advice to turn the A/C off, turn the heat on and slow down to see what happens. After a few tense minutes the temperature drops slightly and she makes it to her job. Being the good husband I drive up to her office and start looking around under the hood for obvious problems. I see no leaks however when I check the radiator fluid level, it appears bone dry! Yikes, I manage to grab a couple gallons of water from her office and proceed to fill the reservoir back to its proper level. Obviously the fact that the reservoir was so low was quite a concern. Like a good husband I swapped vehicles giving her my trusty 99' Civic EX and took the E home with me watching the temperature very carefully. All looked normal on the drive home. With an upcoming 1000 mile road trip, I wanted to have it looked at right away. Local Honda shop got me in first thing following morning where they found that the water pump itself was leaking. It was a small leak that had been occurring for quite a while that neither one of us had ever noticed . The problem certainly could have bitten us in the middle of the road trip instead leaving us high and dry but alas it worked out ok. To change out the water pump was apparently quite the operation and $300 in parts and over $500 in labor, we were good to go again. So moral of the story, keep an eye on the coolant levels.

Second issue that has come up recently is the the driver's side door key lock has gotten very difficult to use. It's weird, sometimes the key goes right in no problems, other times we can't get the key in at all. This is an 03' E so the keyless entry was not standard and we never added it. This is probably more of a wear and tear issue but I've never seen this on any other car I've ever owned, Honda or not.

Issue number three is that the driver's side seat belt buckle is getting very difficult to use when it comes to releasing the seat belt. Normal pressure on the red release button does not release the belt. You have to put pressure on the belt inwards towards the buckle to get it to release. Again this may be a wear and tear issue but it's a bit disappointing that this is occurring.

All in all we love the thing, just passing along some "head's up" for the 100K clubbers.
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