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$12.49 Carpeted Floor Liner

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After struggling with the "Groceries Slide Everywhere" issue for a while I made an exploratory trip to WalMart and found a very workable solution among the housewares. For a whopping $12.49 this nicely edged, rubber-backed, non-slip rug fits very nicely after marking and cutting out the two parallel slots for the rear-seat floor latches. I just used a Sharpie to mark the rectangles, then cut them out with a box-cutter while resting the carpet on top of a large cardboard box.

The rugs were available in several colors including the gray I selected.

If the day comes it becomes too damaged or soiled to clean- it's replaceable for $12.49. If this were an "Official Honda Accessory" I'm guessing it would retail for $169.00

Just thought I'd share,

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Good deal thanks for the info, I'll go check this out. Did you do anything for the front seat floors or just the cargo area and rear seating? Thanks!

I see you're in Overland Park. I'm in Lee's Summit!

As for front floor- the carpet is 40"X72" and only extends from the rear tailgate to NEAR the forward seats.

I had already bought a set of 4 floor mats from a local auto-parts store.

Good luck,

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Another great EOC innovation to stop the groceries from slip-sliding away.

EleMentalCase, that's cool you're from this area, I've only talked with one other person from around here and he's from OP. We'll have to organize a meet sometime, cruise around w/ 3+ E's. In the Meet forum I've posted an initial note for people around here. Reply there if you would so we can start gathering? :-D
FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...thanks sooooo much for tip !!!
hi...went to search of......was it in the auto section or the house area where all the rugs are...i saw one that looked like it....are you sure its 40 wide...the one i saw was 36 inches wide....take care...robert

Hmmmm... No, it was definitely in the housewares area with an assortment of other area rugs, throw rugs, runners, etc.

The width between the slightly-narrower shock-tower-intrusions in the cargo area is 39". This carpet piece is definitely 40" wide. If you look carefully in the photo you can see that it just SLIGHTLY lays up/over those two shock-tower indentations. My local Wal-Mart has it in blue, green and gray at least.

If this fails my next bet might be Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond- but I'd hit a big Super-Wal-Mart first to make sure. I suppose different Wal-Marts may carry different merchandise though. Good luck finding it.

Excellent suggestion, eleMentalCase. I had no problem finding the same carpet at my local Wally-World.

I have the factory all-weather mats and the front edge of the carpet tucks nicely underneath the rear mat, so the short length is not an issue.

For the rear seat floor hook cutout I did something a little different. Instead of cutting out a rectangle, I cut flaps, slitting down the middle, across the top and bottom edges, and along the hooks. Then just tuck the carpet into the wells. I think it looks a little better since there isn't the big cutout, carpeting fills most of the hole. Plus, the carpet "catches" on the hooks and keeps it from shifting around (not sure if that would be an issue or not).

eleMentalCase's cutouts look like this:

 |   |
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |
while mine look like:

 ----- <- slit along front edge of well
 --+-- <- slit along latch hook
 --+-- <- slit along latch hook
 ----- <- slit along rear edge of well

  |_ slit down center of rectangular well
Good stuff indeed.
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Thanks much for posting this - one of the more useful cheap add-ons! I got this today. I went ahead and pulled mine up flush with the back of the center console, leaving the short end back by the tailgate. I also bought the little door-mat sized versions that fit perfectly up front. Think I'll go back tomorrow and buy a 2nd one just to have in reserve.

Cool!!! :lol:
ok...i think im getting closer...after 3 walmarts...i found one that looks like the right one...but its 40x60....not 40x72.....if someone would post a pic of the lable on the rug, id appreciate it....robert

Well... sometimes the left brain doesn't know what the right brain is doing.

Puzzled- I went out and MEASURED the rug. I would have SWORN it was 40" X 72"...

But it turns out it *IS* 40" X 60".

I THINK what happened was that I had just ordered the Aerobed for the back too and it was 72" long and I had measured that to fit properly but THAT was with both front seats slid ALL THE WAY FORWARD.

Somehow that 72" figure stuck in my feeble old brain. Sorry for the confusion,

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Thanks for the great tips.
Do you happen to know the size of the carpet?
Thanks dude :D
I'm also in Lee's Summit area..moving to Prairie Village, tho'! We'll have to get together sometime soon -- I'll check out your post in clubs area.

Great tip, I'm headed to Wally World tomorrow. To add to yours, I got a Bell Tailpipe Tip there for about 9 bucks (maybe 11 at most)...looks real good on my E. Beats double that elsewhere. And yes, the $12.49 rug would go for $169 as a Honda accessory! :wink:

I hve in the basement of the house a large enough piece to cover both front and back on the E....but yesterday as I was back at Wallmart getting more Mobil 1 ..I came accross the rug you had and decided to go and buy it.....damn nice I have the seats up and I just put the rug in... since it was dark I didn't get a chance to cut out the 2 sections for the seats locks....good idea.... :D
That's a job well done. Looks great! I bought a $15 6x4 black carpet mat with a rubber underside from Home Depot a week ago. It's not as snug a fit as yours but it covers most of the area and doesn't slide. My stuff barely moves around now with the carpet down. It's much better than the slippery floor. I haven't found the need yet to cut out portions of it for the rear seats since I removed the rear seats from the E and keep them in storage.
Well After looking each time I am at wally world, I finally found the grey carpet. I almost bought the green one since I have a GG E.
But, the Grey one looks great, and goes under the rear element all weather mat, so now the trunk has the carpet it needed to stop the slide of stuff you buy at the market.

Thanks for the Tip, best 12 bucks, cutting the boxes was easy with construction paper templet.
Then took a torch lighter and melted the edges so they would not fray.

Looks great!
Thanks again!

I went and got this carpet today. Cut it in half, since I only needed to cover the cargo area (all-season mats for the passenger areas).

I'll save the other half 'just in case' - unless there's someone in Baltimore with an interest in 1/2 a rug for 1/2 the cost ;)
[quote:9b264e32ff="eleMentalCase"]After struggling with the "Groceries Slide Everywhere" issue for a while I made an exploratory trip to WalMart and found a very workable solution among the housewares. ... Steve[/quote:9b264e32ff]


I went right up to WalMart and found the exact same rug. Came home, cut out the holes and voila ...

What a terrific idea and THANKS for sharing!

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