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My Daughter and I just got back from a 1400 mile road trip in my Element. We went from Baltimore, Maryland to Tsali, in Western North Carolina to go Mountain Biking. We rode the Tsali Trail in the Nantahala Forest, Right Loop and Mouse Branch. On the way down we loaded the Element with a trailer hitch mounted 2 bike rack and put the third bike inside with one seat flipped up and the bike bungeed to the seat.

Once we got off the 70+ mph interstates, we used the Honda roofrack bike racks to go from the motel to the trails and to move around locally. It looked like rain on the way back, so we flipped both seats up and put all three bikes in (front wheels off, bungeed the fronts via the handle bars and used an adjustable webbing strap to lock the seatposts between the seat caribiner and the floor bars/lugs that the seat leg locks into. We then loaded our clothes, b\\trailer mount bike rack, notebook bag, shopping and two coolers via the side door and headed home.

Mileage keeps going up (I only have 2300 miles on my E) but ranged from 22.3 to 23.5 through the North Carolina Mountains at legal Interstate speeds of 70 to 75 mph.

Let me tell you the E rocks and so does mountain biking in Western North Carolina. Bought a book about great places to Mountain Bike in the world and Western NC made the list. After riding the Tsali trails, we agree!

03 Element, Auto, AWD, SMM and MTB support vehicle.
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