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After countless hours online, messaging people with little helpful responses I need your brains :)

I have a set of 235/75R15 tires on the way for my 05 EX AWD stock ride height. Im looking for wheels that have a more aggressive fit and are light so I was looking at Rota grid V wheels in 15". I will be daily driving the car with some light offroad use for camping.


I can either get the 15x7 et+20 offset or the 15x8 et 0 offset.
Admittedly the 0 offset have a nice deep lip and an aggressive stance that I like much more, but I am worried about brake caliper clearance and how much if any trimming and pinch weld smashing I will have to do.

Does anyone have knowledge about putting these wheels on our cars? I have heard some 15" fit, some need spacers. I would like to avoid spacers if possible, and have minimal trimming to. I assume its about the wheel barrel profile. I made some cardboard templates but they didnt seem to agree with what I read online.

Please chime in if you have knowledge or know someone who might. Again I have searched on the forums for the past couple weeks for countless hours and I'm worn out and hoping some one knowledgeable can save me some time.

thanks in advance, cheers!

ps video of someone running 15x8 et 0 235/75r15 for reference. NOt Rotas though.


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hi there, wondering if u got answers about this. Im wondering the same thing if u could share what your findings were. Thanks 馃檪
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