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I recently traded my 2007 Element in for a new Fit. This was a tough decision, but I needed the better gas mileage the Fit offers. Before the trade, I pulled my 17 inch Acura T/L factory rims and Yokahama Geolander H/T-S 235/65 R17Tires off the Element and put the stocks back on.

I recently sold the wheel and tire set to an owner of a 2004 Element. A couple of days later she called to tell me that the tire shop (Discount Tire) she went to to get the wheels and rims put on her Element said they wouldn't fit.

Now, I have had this combo on 2 different elements, an 05 and an 07, and I had no problems at all with them.

My question is,, is there any difference body wise in an 04 element that won't allow this tire and wheel combo to work?

I'm quite sure I remember seeing members of this forum with 04 Elements talk about having this combo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I may be obliged to take the wheels/tires back if there really is an issue.


All E's from 2003-2008 are identical when it comes to the body and chassis. The only execption being the SC which does sit lower.

Another member reported that the P235/65R17's from the MDX rubbed on tight turns.

This may be why the tire shop saids they won't fit/work on the E?

For liablity reasons some tire shops will not install a tire combination if they cannot guarantee fitment or issues like rubbing won;t come back to bite them in the ass.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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