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18x8.5+48 offset. Will this fit?

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Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum and I'm looking at a set of wheels that I am not sure about.
I have an '05 AWD and these rims are 18x8 with a +48 offset. if youre running wheels with these same specs, can you please post and let me know how they fit.
I plan on running Tein basic coilovers and dropping the car real low. I am a musician and I want to make sure I get no rub when I load weight in the car.
If oure running these wheels, please let me know your tire size, suspension, and please post photos.
ANY help will be great! these wheels are about to go!
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I appreciate the info!
oh tru

let me know. i got a deal i'm trying to work out.......
Thanks so much!
I have Tein Basic Coil Overs on my ride, and if you don't cut out the rear fenders or roll them you will have problems with that type of weight. I finally sent my rear shocks back to Tein and they rebuilt them in a Heavy Duty application and got Heavy Duty Springs ($300). I can now carry up to 987 lbs. in the back seat with absolutely no problems, and my ride sits pretty damn low.


(My wheels are 19X8, 47mm offset on 245X45X19" tires)

Thanks for the info!
It's been a while since I saw this thread!
I ended running the wheels, had MAJOR grind and rub, bought 20mm spacers to puch them out and now will need to send my teins in for an overhaul just like you Darth. Unfortunately, I learned the really hard way.
I think that the best thing about this forum is what we learn from others! ;-)

Definitely! I agree.
It seems that regardless of what you do, you will not only need to push out your wheels with spacers, or have the appropriate offset to avoid grind and you will also have to overhaul your suspension to carry the appropriate load as to avoid rub.
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